Ben Mayor White

Ben Mayor White talks adidas and why the future of branding is in web3
September 20, 2022
Leo Nasskau

On this episode of the Culture3 podcast, we dive into one of the most iconic moments in NFT history with the man who made it happen, and explore what it means for the future of web3, brands, and communities.

Not even a year has passed since Ben Mayor White guided adidas to an instant NFT, but in being the first global brand to launch a major web3 experience, and the first to do so in collaboration with web3-native brands like Bored Ape Yacht Club and PUNKS Comic, the Into The Metaverse drop will remain one of the most significant mainstream moments for NFTs in the 2020s.

An experienced branding professional and a self-professed “Bored Ape living life as a child in the metaverse,” Ben is one of the leading lights synthesising brand expertise and a web3-native mind. In conversation with Leo Nasskau, he sheds light on the broader vision for adidas in the metaverse and makes the case for community-led web3 brands, from fashion to gaming, plus why he thinks that it’s inevitable that the likes of Bored Apes and Pudgy Penguins will be as common as Minecraft toys and Roblox.

Our favourite quote? “Now you walk into a toy shop and you see Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft — you will see Bored Apes, you will see Pudgy Penguins, they will be on television programs, they will be on Netflix. I promise you that it will go to the rest of the world and it's the community that will do it.”

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Leo is part of the founding team at Culture3. An award-winning editor, he has been in the web3 space since 2020 and is also the Chair of UniReach, an EdTech non–profit he founded whilst studying at the University of Oxford. He writes about technology, web3, and culture.

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