Culture3 and TED create the first TED Tech conference and announce Culture3 Week

Culture3 Editorial
April 19, 2023
The inaugural TED Tech event and Culture3 Week will convene a group of future-focused and diverse minds in the heart of London.

Culture3 have partnered with TED to create the first TED Tech event. The forum will kick off Culture3 Week, a four-day festival bringing together the world of art, business and technology to investigate the ideas shaping culture and society.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and extended reality represent a technological paradigm shift. A trio of technologies that have been built over recent decades, they are now maturing in front of our eyes. It is clear that we are entering a new era in which technology will reshape our world. The only question is how.

To explore those questions, Culture3 has partnered with TED, the nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading, to create the first TED Tech conference on September 18-19th in London. The inaugural TED Tech will kick off Culture3 Week, a festival bringing together the worlds of art, business, and technology to investigate the ideas shaping culture and society. It’s also TED’s first ever conference dedicated entirely to technology.

The mission of TED Tech, and Culture3 writ large, is to help the world first understand how technology is reshaping our world, but second, play a role in ensuring that the change it brings is for good. Building optimism and accountability around the impact of AI, blockchain, and extended reality is critical. At TED Tech and throughout Culture3 Week, attendees will gather to consider the questions that matter most: what will a future driven by such extraordinary technological progress actually look like? How should they be monitored, governed, or controlled? And how might society, art, and commerce change as a result?

“The simultaneous emergence of revolutionary technologies is changing culture and society as we know it — at a speed and scale never experienced before,” explains Misan Harriman, founder of Culture3. “No material system will remain untouched: the economy, government, medicine, education, entertainment. Our mission is to ensure that the change is for good.”

This is not another tech conference. Together, we are creating a uniquely connected experience that blends TED’s signature talks with a Culture3 ideas forum of real-world applications, art exhibits, and industry-shaping demonstrations and announcements, straight from the technological frontier. Over 1,500 attendees will hear from TED speakers and Culture3 curated experts and practitioners who will dive into the latest advancements in tech that are radically transforming the world around us.

“We'll bring together the most brilliant minds to discuss the future of the internet.”

— Monique Ruff-Bell, Head of Events, TED

“In true TED style, we’ll bring together the most brilliant minds – artists and creators, technologists and entrepreneurs – to discuss, debate, and create the future of the internet. We’re excited to host our first TED Tech in London with its vibrant ecosystem of start-ups, tech giants, and universities fuelling innovation,” says Monique Ruff-Bell, Head of Events at TED.

For those who want to be at the forefront of the conversation and join a powerful group of business and community leaders, we'll see you there.

“Revolutionary technologies are changing culture and society as we know it.”

— Misan Harriman, founder, Culture3

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Web3 is a revolution in culture: how we create it, how we experience it, and who owns it. By exhibiting great artistry, builders, and communities, Culture3 illustrates the impact of blockchains, metaverses, artificial intelligence, and extended reality on culture, commerce, and society — and where it's going in the future.

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We’re partnering with TED to create the inaugural TED Tech event, part of an exclusive two-day forum where disruptors, technologists, and creatives are immersed in the future of the internet.
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