Web3 is a revolution in culture: how we create it, how we experience it, and who owns it.

The internet as we know it is being entirely rebuilt. By exhibiting great artistry, innovative builders, and meaningful communities, Culture3 illustrates the impact of blockchains, metaverses, artificial intelligence, and extended reality on culture, commerce, and society — and where it's going in the future.

In a world of negative news at one extreme and hype at the other, Culture3 provides an antidote, celebrating the best stories of web3 to illustrate why it is so important.

Our mission: make sure the change is good. Today, conversations about these technologies are clouded by fear, uncertainty, and doubt. By exhibiting the best of web3 culture, we can make sure that the change is good, guide and inform the narrative, and help onboard the world.


Our Artistry section offers insight into the next meaningful contributions of web3 artists, creating artwork of genuine cultural integrity. We exhibit the creative vitality of web3 artists and help readers understand how culture is evolving in art, film, music, and storytelling.


Our Builders section explores the full commercial potential of web3 technologies across all layers, the stories of the people and projects that are realising them, and investigates about how industries and companies are re-wiring their business models for web3.


Our Communities section makes the connection between web3 and society, answering questions about what our social landscape looks like after web3 goes mainstream and how to leverage it to build communities that unite people around common goals and missions.

Our Team

Misan Harriman is one of the most widely-shared photographers of the Black Lives Matter movement whose images have featured in Vanity Fair, British Vogue, and People Magazine, amongst others. He is Chair of the Southbank Centre, Europe’s largest cultural venue, founder of the creative media agency WhatWeSeee, and has for a long time been a leading figure in web3.

Trevor has had a storied agency career as a trusted advisor for leading brands. He is a two-time founder of global creative and strategic agencies, first at The Assembly and subsequently at WhatWeSeee. In between these roles, he was CEO at FutureLab, the strategic and consumer foresight consultancy.

Leo is a founder with a strong media background. An award-winning editor, he’s built writing teams with features in UK nationals like The Guardian and The Telegraph. Leo is also Chair of UniReach, an EdTech charity he founded whilst studying at the University of Oxford, and writes about technology, web3, and culture.

Scarlett is a graduate of King’s College London with a background in classical art and languages. She has written for Strand, KCL’s award-winning Arts & Culture magazine, and enjoys discussing LGBTQIA+ issues and art via journalism and poetry. She is also fluent in French. As Head of Community, Scarlett is responsible for our social media presence, as well as supporting our editorial work.

Today’s influence

“I wanted to do a traditional gallery with large canvas paintings, but it never went anywhere. NFTs were a great way to start my web3 journey by opening up that idea from the vault” — Brandon Mighty

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